Benefit From Nyc Neck Lift Surgery

Health tourism is picking up in New York and it has become the favorite destination for cosmetic surgery. In this context NYC neck lift procedure is catching up among young and old alike. A neck lift procedure includes removing excess skin, fat, altering muscles and removes bands around the neck. Some of the common problems that find best remedy with neck lift surgery are, Turkey neck, excess fat and excess skin. If you have turkey wattle then surgery is recommended that could include cutting the skin under the chin and behind the ears. This can also means removing some muscles. With innovative techniques, procedures can be done with minimal invasive process like endoscope.

Liposuction is another method that removes excess fat from below the chin. This is the most commonly used procedure by cosmetic surgeons. This procedure can last for an hour where cuts are made and fat, muscles or skin is removed. If you find too excessive skin on the neck then surgery is the best option to trim the excess skin finally stitching it up. It is a two-hour process but the time may increase depending on the complexity of the case. Surgery is performed on anesthesia.

Recovery may take a few days depending upon the severity of the procedure and it can vary from individual to individual. A person can return to work after a maximum of 2 weeks. Those who take part in sports and those involved in high physical activity need to wait for more time. Give it more time to heal for better results. Side effects may occur after the surgery that includes tingle sensation, burning or numbness. Though infection is happens in rare cases it is best to look for signs of fever and consult the doctor immediately to avoid further complications.

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