Tips For Keeping The Contents Cool Inside Your Cooler Throughout Your Outing

cooler3When you want to have chilled water or drink during your camping, you need to have ice. There are coolers, which allow you carry the ice along with you for many hours during camping. However, due to some reasons, the coolers may not be able to retain the ice for long. In this article, we will provide some tips for keeping the ice for long without melting. To make your travel more convenience, you can think of buying the best-wheeled cooler. Check out the dangers of spoilt food with this helpful guide,

Tip number 1 is that you should keep the lid of the cooler closed tightly and avoid opening it frequently as much as possible. It is always better to have two cooler – one for food items and another one for a beverage. This is because every time when you open the cooler, the warm air enters inside and makes the ice or contents to melt quickly. If you have kids, then you should have two coolers. Kids tend to open the lid and look into the contents for a long time. To find the best wheeled coolers in the market, you have to go through the reviews.

Tip number two is that try to rest the cooler under the shade than direct sunlight. This helps in preventing the ice from melting faster. Tip number three is to wrap the cooler with a wet towel. This towel shields the cooler from heat and helps the ice stay for long. It is better to choose a towel in white color so that it repels the heat. If the color of the cooler is not white, then it will absorb more heat and thereby result in quick melting of ice. So, it is better to buy a white color cooler.

Tip number four is you can have blocked ice than a cube. This is because of block ice longer than ice cubes. Tip number five does not drain all the water off the cooler and leave some level of water. This helps to keep the contents cooler. Ice is a solid form and cannot evenly content with all surfaces, whereas water, in a liquid form, can evenly cool the surface.

Tip number five is freeze or chills the contents before you put them inside the cooler. This helps the contents to stay cool for many hours. Also, put a layer of ice on the top of the contents to extend the cooling effect. It is better to make the blocked ice in the home. You can make this ice by filling the water in a milk carton and keeping inside the freezer overnight. Make sure that you do not fill the ice tip as you need to provide some space for the ice to expand.

If you are traveling some desert or similar places, then you can bury the cooler inside the ground. Bury 3/4 of the cooler and not more than that. Burying more than that can cause the cooler and its content may get dirtied. You can browse the Internet to find more details about the coolers. There are many online guides and resources to help you in this regard.