Role Of Sclerotherapy Norfolk In Curing Spider Vein


One of the most popular treatments that are used by the doctors in order to cure the spider vein problem is Sclerotherapy Norfolk. This method is very famous due to its non-surgical procedure. This process will not be very painful and also will be completed within a very less time as it will take only about 30 – 60 minutes maximum. A sterile solution will be injected with the help of a micro-needle that will cause irritation in the vein which will gradually disappear. If there are multiple veins that have to be treated, then it will be better to schedule multiple sittings.

Usually, this method will not require any anesthesia as it will not be very painful or complicated. In case, if the patient feels any discomfort or pain during the process, then some local anesthesia can be used. It will be better if the patient wears loose clothes during the treatment as it will be easy for the doctor to find the spider veins. When this complication happens, there will be a problem in the blood flow there will be a possibility for the reverse flow of the blood due to the weakening of valves and nerve. There will some sting for few seconds after the injection is administered.

When this work is completed, then the blood will be re-routed to the normal veins making the flow normal. In case there is multiple spider vein problem then around 15 – 20 injections has to be administered in one sitting. According to the severity, the number of sessions and injections will be decided. It will be better to avoid harsh works after the treatment for few days as it will cause discomfort and complications. There may be some minor complications after the treatment that will not be very serious as they can be cured easily.