Thierry Weinberg and the DoubleV Empire

Thierry Weinberg is a renowned French businessman born in 1980. He is currently married to Amanda Sthers, a writer and a screenwriter. One of her most notable achievements includes being voted the sexiest writer by the Vanity Fair magazine. Thierry Weinberg studied at the Higher Institute of Management between 1999 and 2002. In 2006 to 2009 he worked under the mentorship of Serge Weinberg as the Director at Maremma where they dealt with property management such as leasing and purchasing office buildings. In 2009, he founded DoubleV Council. This is a consultancy firm that majors on company recovery of government subsidies and cost reduction. DoubleV Council has 45 employees and the serve small companies as well as big companies. On matters of cost reduction, DoubleV Council helps companies reduce expenses in areas such as overheads, social charges, recruitment, innovation, training and taxation. They carry out research and make all necessary contacts for their clients.

Still in the same year 2009, Thierry Weinberg expanded his business venture by starting DoubleV Training. This company deals with customized company employee training programs. Through his vast network of business professionals, he has helped countless companies with designing and implementing training of the executive employees as well as their subordinates.

In 2011, he started another subsidiary company, DoubleV insurance which is a brokerage firm that helps businesses design and implement health costs within their companies. He has vast knowledge in dealing with company costs as a businessman himself therefore he is well positioned to give very insightful views on how to setup different insurance policies that suit any company, big or small. With over 7 years experience as a successful businessman, Thierry Weinberg has come a long way and he companies are the most sort after in France. He is also a great family man who enjoys time at the theaters and listening to music.