Effortless Way To Get Shiny New Laminate Flooring


Many homeowners are at wits edge when no amount of cleaning could turn their laminate flooring as good as new. Some of them go to the extent of ripping them apart. If you are facing the same problem, wait until you read the article on how to clean your laminate flooring and get it back to it pre-damaged condition. One of the most recommended means to clean your floor is to steam mop for laminate floor. There is more flooring cleaning tips available at http://thesweethome.com/. But before you start with the floor cleaning process, understand the basics.

Never sweep
It may be weird but true, sweeping with a traditional broom is not advised for a laminate floor. The best ways to get rid of the dirt is to dry dust mop the floor or use a vacuum cleaner. Broom can leave particles behind and these particles can cause more problem when wet mopping by leaving scratches and can pit the floor. So, forget about the broom when it comes to cleaning laminate floor.

A bright floor
A vacuum cleaner with a brush roll button is a great option, If your washing machine has a hard floor setting then it would be ideal. This is because brush roll can damage the laminate.

Floor cleaner
There is nothing like a laminate floor cleaning supply but if you prefer a particular brand go ahead and use it. One word of advice is, expensive laminate floor cleaning supplies are not the best cleaning option. Sometimes even a budget floor cleaner can work wonders on your laminate floor. Apart from this homemade solutions are also suitable for laminate flooring. Ensure the cleaning solution is not too concentrated, adding a little amount of water could help but sometimes it can leave a residue leading to dull floors.

Is liquid good?
As much as possible avoid water as it could seep between the boards and cause swelling and damage over a period of time. Moreover, use of water can reduce the life of the laminate floor. There is no need to add tons of liquid to clean the floor. Spraying a little is more than enough to mop the floor effectively. Ensure you do not leave any puddles on the flooring. The floor should dry in less than a minute of mopping.

Buffing helps
For a shinning floor you can try buff drying the floor using an absorbent cloth. Microfiber cleaning cloth or cloth diapers are also a good option to buff dry the floor.

Floor protection
Once your floor is shinny and new, it is important to protect it, to extend its sheen. This can be done by protecting the floor. Positioning mats at entry ways can ensure no dirt or dust is brought inside the house. Also leave your shoes outside the house. Whenever there is a spill, wipe it immediately. Leaving it for long can stain the floor, leading to discoloration.

These simple tips can help keep your laminate flooring in great condition for years to come. Moreover, it can prevent premature damage to the laminate flooring.